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Wanted Way

Wanted way - English version

Wanted Mission & Vision
MissionㅣTo bring happiness to people's career journeys
VisionㅣTo be the most loved Life Career Platform
Everything we do at work, we do it the Wanted Way.
The Wanted Way defines what it means to be a high performing team member of Wanted.
Wanted CEO Bokkee Lee first began drafting the Wanted Way, after which members of the team helped to refine and shape the set of directives.
The Wanted Way, however, is not a fixed set of prescriptive rules. Rather, it continues to evolve with feedback from the team, as we flexibly adapt to the changing environment. It embodies the agility and flexibility of a startup, while offering a practical set of guidelines that every member of  the Wanted team can apply and execute.

Put our minds together and we can achieve anything.

1. Empowering
We are trailblazers of new frontiers every day, which means we make mistakes and fail. In failure, don’t point fingers. Instead, empower and say “Let’s solve this together. We can do this!”
2. Enterprising
The size of our dream determines our future. Set ambitious goals, then celebrate achievements together. Never preemptively anticipate “That won’t work.” Instead, be a leader and relentlessly problem-solve towards our vision.

Fall in love with the user’s problem.

3. Unique & Impactful
Every one of us has the potential to achieve great things. Break away from the expected and problem-solve in extraordinary ways. Excite our users and impact the world.
4. Lean Problem-Solving
Doing is better than perfect. Set up a minimally viable test and start today. Take the learnings from your actions, then iterate to great.
5.  Communicate with Data
We set up hypotheses and relentlessly challenge the status quo. Data empowers us to view our users’ problems with an objective lens. Communicate with logic and measurable data.

We are one team.

6. Co-Creating
Time and resources are limited so we need extreme synergies. Share every seed of an idea, then leverage collective intelligence to develop outsized outcomes. Share the results and the “so what,” then give recognition to the colleagues that help to co-create.
7. Constructive Feedback
Silence creates nothing. Actively engage and respond to your colleagues’ ideas. Openly discuss if you disagree.
8. Self-Managing
We are professionals. We set clear timelines and hold ourselves to high standards that satisfy our users and colleagues’ needs. If a promise cannot be kept, immediately adjust and revise the agreement.